From residential to commercial blockwork, our many years of experience in the industry ensures we‘ll deliver the service you expect from trained professionals.


We offer an extensive pool of highly skilled bricklayers to build high-quality brickwork to meet the needs of our clients.


When it comes to restoring old damaged brickwork
our specialized team is always working
to provide cost-effective solutions to bring a build back to life.


Our aim is to make our services absolutely client-focused, developing most of our business around building relationships; the more time we work with someone, the better understanding we have of our client’s expectations.
IPBuilders is an established and trusted brickwork contractor in London specialized in construction of large scale brickwork and blockwork projects.
To establish and maintain a positive reputation with leading Main Contractors across the UK, we aim to continually improve our corporate performance. We are an accredited Contractor:


Brickwork Facade

We are here to offer our clients the best Brickwork Facades because Brickwork remains at the heart of everything we do.

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Internal Blockwork

We are here to offer our clients quality Blockwork constructing solutions for all internal and external applications.

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Cavity Insulation and FireStopping

We offer our clients great quality insulation instalments and developed to improve thermal performance of buildings.

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"We are all constructed out of our self dialogue."


They really mean quality at its finest when they say it.

I am really impressed with their quality of work, they really understood my needs and I can say it with heart that they are a company that will take care of the client and ensure everything is done on-time with no unknown delays.

"Create with the heart; build with the mind."


I am really impressed with their brickwork quality

I am astonished with IP's quality, they met and went beyond all my expectations and if anyone is looking for a great construction company I will definitely recommend IP Builders to anyone that is looking for quality in work but also customer service.

“Knowledge is knowledge whether it teaches you construction or destruction.”


IP Builders Brickwork Ltd. went beyond my expectation.

I am really pleased to say that IP went over my expectation with their brickwork quality and I recommend them for anyone that wants high quality Brickwork, Blockwork and Insulation.


We offer quality at its finest.

By choosing us you are going to expect great quality in our work as well as in our customer service because we don’t only want to improve our quality on our work but with our clients too.

We are very hands-on- throughout the company- and our directors and senior managers are always deeply involved. We have great respect for the trades and great relationships with the professions. Clients, employees and sub-contractors appreciate our direct no-nonsense approach.

What sets us apart is our can-do attitude and culture which enables us not only to deliver a project but surpass customer expectation, ensuring and fulfilling customer journey.

To contact us is easy because we have expanded our contact form so clients can reach us on social media not only by a phone call meaning we are able to be contacted more effectively.
Overall, the company or entrepreneur who chooses IP’s support is seen by our team as a collaborator who wants to grow and assert himself in work and life.


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